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*      Firefighter John Boyd                                  St. Clair Shores Fire Dept.       November 4, 1928

*      Chief Edward J. Sawitzky                           Mt. Clemens Fire Dept.             January 30, 1929

*      Firefighter Charles Consigney                      Warren Fire Dept.                   July 16, 1944

*      Firefighter Edwin C. Harris                         Roseville Fire Dept.                   January 27, 1964

*      Asst. Chief James J. Mitchell                      Roseville Fire Dept.                 October 22, 1968

*      Sgt. Joseph E. Riesterer Jr.                         Roseville Fire Dept.                 June 11, 1977

*      Firefighter Ralph J. Buchman Sr.                 Harrison Twp. Fire Dept.        January 9, 1981

*      Firefighter James C. Nelson                        Sterling Heights Fire Dept.     March 26, 1983

*     Paramedic Gary Zingler                              MedStar Ambulance                 November 12, 1999

*      Firefighter David P. Sutton                          Fraser Public Safety                 March 4, 2000

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